Parish Finance Committee

In accordance with the Diocese of Motherwell Diocesan Finance Policy, the Parish of St Anthony and St Mark has a Parish Finance Committee to help and advise the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish. This Committee:

* is a consultative body that assists the parish priest and it is expected that all members of the Parish Finance Committee observe the strictest confidentiality
* shall ensure that parish property is well maintained and safe, and due diligence is exercised over all parish assets
* is responsible for the approval of re-assessing of insurance valuations of properties before a renewal
* shall have access to all Diocesan procedures and guidelines in connection with finance and property administration.

This page will provide access to minutes and papers of Parish Finance Committee meetings as well as the Annual Financial Report to Parishioners.
If you have any questions or suggestions for the committee, please email the parish office at   or speak to Father Reilly..

Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting on 5th March 2024

Finance Report to parishioners for 2023

Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting on 17th October 2023

Creation of Parish Asset Register

Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting on 3rd July 2023

Annual Financial Report to the Diocese for 2022

Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting on 20 March 2023