St Vincent de Paul

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We are a Catholic Lay organisation founded by the now Blessed Frederic Ozanam, a law student in Paris in 1845, as a reaction to aggressive secularism in French culture.

In 1886, Brother Walfrid founded a football club to provide East End conferences of SSVP with funds to provide “penny dinners” for school children.

SSVP is now a worldwide organisation with over 80,000 members who meet weekly. We follow Jesus’ actions in going to the disadvantaged in our local community.

            We deliver face-to-face relief, material and spiritual.

           We listen to what people say that they need to be able to help themselves.

           We journey with them over time to help them get what rightly belongs to them.

           We give unconditionally, independent of colour or creed. We do not preach or convert.

If requested, we are happy to work with other parishes, other religions and with secular organisations. Each member is trained in child and vulnerable group protection. We are democratic, non-political and non-violent.

All our activities are carried out in complete confidentiality. We organise “Mini Vinnies” in schools and colleges. We have two food banks in the parish and we distribute clothes to the homeless at the Briggait. From most of you, we need prayers and ongoing material support – for which many thanks. A few of you may be interested in joining, giving your time over the longer term. Please give your contact details to Fr Charles. We would be happy to provide opportunities to attend our meetings and to take part in our activities before you make a commitment.